Monday, March 4, 2013


Everyone has this weird speculation, or ideal on what a friend really is.  You know, I believe we take advantage of our friends so often, and not even in a monetary sense, but just the fact that, many of us sit around in a room, or at a part, and we are all on twitter, facebook, grindr, or WHATEVER your choice is... and the people around us spend time to be with us.  I can remember back specifically to a trip, Brian and I took with our friend Bill, who recently passed away to St. Augustine.  Below is the photo I have from the two of us.  Brian has been one of my best, most supportive friends; whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE :)

Thank you, for being everyone, and more than any friend could ask for.  The past couple weeks have been difficult, although I am super proud of you for making a 360 from where you were back when we first met. Your doing awesome.  Keep it up, and have a very 


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