Friday, October 26, 2012

Hi, I vote for equal rights, but your WRONG for having your own opinion.

What is it about the election that gets us all so fired up? Republican / Democrat, perhaps even independent, or I don't give a f#%@!! We all have our catch phrase many of which I will not say due to the mere factor that over the course of this election campaign and throughout the debates I have said my fair share of strong, factually supported realistic poin of views.

Now quickly if I may for those who may have been offender by my statements or comments regarding Obama's incompetency, and you don't like my lack of patriotism. Too bad!!! I've had to look at your political crap bashing a man who HAS EXPERIENCE with the only thing this country is based on, MONEY! Alright! Ill stop, I think we can all gather who I'm leaning towards, but lets get down to business here.

I want it known that maybe just because Your son or daughter or your doctor chooses to have a different opinion on politics doesn't make them a horrible person. Don't get me wrong after my endless rants bashing the world and the president I will continue to stand by my core values and beliefs and not let someone have enough power over me to offend me. All my rude comments are an opinion, were all created equal! What I chose to do in the bedroom, has been made public knowledge if you don't know my sexuality then that's really none of your business and if its of interest to you chances are you can find out who I like to roll around with in the sheets in 15 seconds. But is any of that REALLY the way we want to define ourself and show our children how we choose to define others? Not based on sexuality, but on judging someone and casting shame against them for voting for a different Political candidate that opposes their marriage opportunities? The beauty about this whole world we live in, is that without being able to put food on the table , or without a better economy, the small factorization of gay marriage has NO FACTOR in anything.

Lets go back to the beginning and after all I've got a major headache and the coffee pot just went off.... Many of you are voting for Obama, who SUPPORTS the end of hate, bullying, segregation, sexuality discrimination, don't you think as this election falls just over a weeks time away that we all show a little more love for one another and show our TRUE COLORS, rather than exhibit hate? I may be one washer up, gay, Christian, republican but one thing is for sure I can justify down and dot all my I's and cross all my T's, but one thing I won't do is bash someone just because everyone else is doing it and step back and say I support anti-bullying and hate.

Food forthought......

Happy Friday