Friday, May 11, 2012


I am beyond overjoyed, and can not thank God any more for being so tremendously blessed.    My parents have always been right, God does have a plan for my life, and I was rescued from that orphanage for a reason and have been a fighter ever since.

As I sit here on the patio and look out over the beautiful lake, all I see is blue sky, and clouds, and take breath after breath, and can't be any more thankful for how happy I am.  But not only because of news from the doctor, but because, for the past couple years I have been going through a spiritual battle with God, and I wasn't really sure where I stood, or where I fit in so to speak with the whole, being gay, and being a Christian thing, or if I should be ashamed, but as I sit here and type, tears of happiness come down my cheek and I have goosebumps, and I believe this is a sign that God does answer prayer, and is that little sign I was praying for over the years of trouble and heart ache.  Can't be happier.  I will defeat this and be the best I can be and be healthier every day.

                                                        Phone call from the doctor;

Michael? 'Yes', Hi, this is Dr. De Jesus, I wanted to let you know that we are going to put you on a study trial for Hepatitis C, and I am confident that we will cure this disease, and that you will be healthier.  I am also going to have to change your HIV medications due to the interactions, and protocol for the study trial program.  Your current medications are Complera which is the three in one, once a day,  I want to change that to Truvada, and Isentress which is once in the morning and once at night.  "What side effects will I have?" 'I assure you, considering your numbers are great and you are undetectable that you will see no side effects what so ever, and I am very confident in this decision.  Are you interested?  I said. ABSOLUTELY, LETS DO THIS!"

Call me crazy, or silly, for posting so much, but I can't thank God enough and my parents and friends for being so supportive in helping me get to this point.  Living healthy should be a priority in everyones life. Not only for those who have HIV but those who don't, stay active, and exercise and above all give your body the fuel it needs.  TRUST ME, I am living proof.  If you want to become well, and get healthy, your the one whose going to wake up and make that decision, nobody else!

and for those of you who have been following it would mean the world to me if you support me in the AIDS WALK on May 19th.  Not for me, but for others!!

Walker: Michael Lloyd

Friday, May 4, 2012

When you Believe"

                                      Many nights we pray no proof anyone could hear
                                                   And our hearts a hopeful song
                                               We barely understand

    Dear HIV,                                                                                              January 26th 12:16pm

          As I sit here waiting, I keep rolling up my sleeves of my blue and white striped Hollister shirt,

that for some reason isn't cooperating. This belt is way too tight, Ugh, all I really want to do is go back

' and cuddle with him, and I know he's sitting in the car sick to his stomach for my results to come back

 for this stupid test. Was it something I even wanted to do? "ugh this is so weird, who are all these

 people and why are they sick and coughing, bandaids, this place is freaking me out, cant the hurry up

with the damn, "Michael you can come on back now", the young black woman said as she opened the

door with the ever so comforting smile on her face. If you've read the other blogs I've written, the first

one did go over, the rest of the story on how I found out the diagnosis of my HIV status. That little

voice in my head that I felt about HIV, when I was diagnosed, that scared, I'm lonely feeling is no

longer gone." I will say HIV, you have made me one strong person, and during the course of the past

two years those moments of weakness that brought about my addiction to meth, and the battle that I

face each and every- day.

                                                           Now we are not afraid
                                                Although we know there?s much to fear
                                     We were moving mountains long Before we know we could
                                       Oh yes, there can be miracles When you believe
                                         Though hope is frail It?s hard to kill

 Dear Friends && Family,                                                                                                   May 4, 2012

 I wouldn't take any of it back, but I wish I was more educated back then, and that brings me to ,my


have overcome this, and am now undetectable and have been on medication for 4 months now. I will

no longer be binded by a over powering, demon in my life, as wake up every day, I look forward to

taking that one pill, because I feel better each and every day! and for so many people they aren't as

 blessed. After years of prayer, blood, sweat and tears, I am finally happy with the person I have

become, and the person I want to be! I praise God, and those around me who have encouraged me

every single day to take care of myself even when I didn't care because I finally get it, I can be happy,

and HIV is NOT going to knock me down!  I am proud to announce I am starting personal training

certification through AFAA that I will be tested on at the end of June, and will be taking one class this

summer at Valencia, in addition to looking for a part time job on the side. All you have to do is believe,

 and trust in yourself and  know there is a better tomorrow. With that said I would like to announce to

all of you I am walking in   the AIDS WALK in Orlando, on Saturday, May 19, at Lake Eola in

Downtown Orlando. I am overjoyed to be walking side by side with the team Mamma Dee Crusaders,

my dear mentor Rob Domenico's mother's team, Dee Richter, and I have entered as an individual

walker. Within the last 24 hours, thanks to those of you who have generously supported me have put

me over my $100 mark to be eligible to walk. I am overly blessed And would mean the world to me if

you can, even if only a dollar, can donate money to my individual walker fund and help those like

MYSELF be happy, and happiness does come from within, but so many people are suffering and

struggling under binds and need support from the community! Say no to ignorance! For those of you

who did support me during my birthday fundraiser, I raised over $240 for Hope & Help in Central

Florida, and I thank Rob Domenico for his contributions to our community and the HIV community in Orlando Florida and has daily inspired me to be the best I can be.

             If you would like to support me in this very honorable cause the link below will direct you to a secure   website to donate, and select individual walker and select my name :)

 I love you all so vert much, and God Bless, and to those living with HIV, you can win, and we will

come together as one and stop the spread of HIV and help our friends get on track.

 Michael Lloyd <3