Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bullying in the gay community.

As my post yesterday spoke on the issue of Derek Ward.

"Derek Ward, your poor character for other gay people in the community especially those who have done meth, just as you yourself have, your business is none of mine, and my past drug use, has no resemblance of my character today and the person I've become. Your bitterness and nastiness is a wonderful example to all of us in the gay community. Thank you for once again, 3 years later, sweeping me off my feet with your charming personality. ♥"

A close friend emailed me the information about Derek's Facebook status post on Sunday evening, harrassing me through, bringing up past issues involving my methamphetime drug use, and sexual behavior, and lifestyle choices. Until today I hadn't read any of it, but I'm not too sure about the rest of the gay community, but as we are looking for acceptance, and freedom , its sometimes disheartening to hear when someone in your own community brings it upon themselves to lower the moral of another person.

For myself the topic of HIV, and drug use is a touchy subject, although, yes as in the post said, I am working towards HIV prevention, and yes I have also slammed a gram of meth into my vein before. However I believe the reason I am looking to help those in the community, are for this exact reason, because people need inspiration and motivation to realize there is another path in life and they can be happy, and if they are struggling with a drug problem, I hope my story can be inspiring to others.

It saddens me greatly that in Orlando, where meth is a big issue in the gay community there is someone, attacking people, and bringing together their followers, friends, and family, to bash an individual based on choices they have made in their past. Everything in his posts is accurate information, other than the mere problem that I have come to terms with my issues, and every day is a battle to not pick up the pipe or syringe again. And I thank all my friends and supports who have been there for me, for believing in me. There is so much controvery about marriage equality, but how about bullying within the gay community? I believe this is an issue thats overlooked immensly.

Michael Lloyd
February 7, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

real talk - politics.

were too worried about offering someone something theyve already been given the fair opportunity for. the jobs are available, the corporations provide the jobs that you leave from to march on washington to protest against. saw several times in this post about offering the homeless jobs. I myself a former drug addict, who also now presently has HIV, due to habits in the lesser unfortunate lifestyle very well understand, some people dont DESERVE the opportunity. theres jobs everywhere, if your too lazy, or too incapable of bringing yourself to terms with who you are and what you want thats nobodies responsibility to take care of you or look after those other people. nobody should pay for anyones anything. people work damn near hard to get where they are, yeah some got it on a silver platter but... the race card, or the sexuality card, or the social class/economic status card isn't even worth your time, go get a job, were all being torn as a nation to hate each other over human rights issues and the inability to get off our asses... and were too distracted and taken away from the simple common ideals of principals that have lasted for decades, the reasons they no longer due is the economy is now burdened by those people who feel like their entitled something extra, because of the color of their skin, who they choose to have sex with, or health conditions. Yes as a gay male who has HIV, it is extremely admirable of such organizations such as the Ryan White fund and ADAP for assistance for those who dont have insurance, but... come one people use your heads and stop playing the poor me or the.... I WANT a free piece of the pie when..everyone has an equal chance. we fought racism and predjucies within the african american and white community back with martin luther king jr, did we not? do we still need to separate our country based on race, even in politics?